Our production

These wines are a great introduction to our area, the Northern valley of Etna, as well as our philosophy and represent high value for money.

– Susucaru® Rosato
– Susucaru® Rosso
– MunJebel® Rosso “classico”
– MunJebel® Bianco “classico”

Our single vineyard wines represent the incredible geological diversity of vineyard sites in the Northern valley of Etna. All these crus are individual expressions of exceptional vineyards which are vinified and bottled separately. This exceptional diversity and quality is found only in the great terroirs of the world.
We are proud to be able to propose a number of crus which over the 20+ years of vinification have confirmed their distinct character. The quality of each of these vineyard sites has been confirmed over time and we have applied the premier cru and grand cru category to these sites.
All our crus are produced and bottled only in very good to exceptional vintages.

– Magma® Rosso, contrada Barbabecchi
– MunJebel® Rosso CS, contrada Zottorinoto – Chiusa Spagnolo
– MunJebel® Rosso SC, contrada Scimonetta
– MunJebel® Rosso VA, cuvée Vigne Alte
– MunJebel® Bianco VA, cuvée Vigne Alte

– MunJebel® Rosso MC, contrada Monte Colla
– MunJebel® Rosso PA, contrada Feudo di Mezzo – Porcaria
– MunJebel® Rosso FM, contrada Feudo di Mezzo – sottana
– MunJebel® Rosso CR, contrada Campo Re
– MunJebel® Rosso CA, contrada Crasà
– MunJebel® Rosso CD, contrada Calderara sottana
– MunJebel® Rosso PU, contrada Puntalazzo
– MunJebel® Rosso BB, contrada Barbabecchi
– MunJebel® Rosso P, cuvée Perpetuum

We take pride in producing olive oils with the same quality principles of our wines.
All these olive oils are different expressions of Etna, from generic to it’s most precise and elegant.

– Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva MunJebel®
– Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Magma®

Over the years I have made a few wines for friends and for people for whom I have high esteem. Amongst these were Filippo Rizzo, Marco Tinessa and Guido Coffa.
As we have gradually grown, at a given moment there was no more space in our cellar to do all these projects and Filippo, Marco and Guido have grown themselves and have built or are constructing their own winery.

I have continued a few projects, for special friendships as well as our social and environmental sensitivity.

– Rosso di Sandro
– Sconsacrato®
– Pistemutta® Rosato
– Pistemutta® Rosso
– Patos®
– Sebastian Van De Sype