This could sound a bit strange for an estate which started producing wines only in 2001 to offer recorcking of old bottles. Our goal is to deliver top quality products and we believe that offering this service is an added value to our products for clients who like to cellar their wines and drink them mature.

Our concern with supplying this recorking service is the possibility for counterfeit bottles as after reconditioning these bottles will seem like new release bottles. After years of research we will finally introduce a product authentication system using RFID chips with NFC technology integrated in our labels, starting with our Grand Vin Magma®, followed by our MunJebel crus. This system will be integrated as of vintage 2016 which will be released around mid 2018. We will be applying this product security system also on all reconditioned bottles, making them unique with perfect traceability, guaranteeing the bottle’s authentication.

In order to be able to give a perfect reconditioning service, all packing materials as well as closures are stored in a separate warehouse with O3 technology (ozone and negative ion oxygen) which helps avoiding infections and maintain bacterial cleanliness. Recorking is done with modern state-of-the-art Ardeaseal closures which guarantee no spoilage of the wine as well as great lasting power. The topping up will be done to perfect fill level under inert Argon gas to guarantee authenticity. Shipping is guaranteed by UPS in special cases with insurance to the full value of the wines.

We kindly ask you to send us an e-mail request for this reconditioning and recorcking service with following information:

  • Wine to be reconditioned;
  • Number of bottles;
  • Description of cellar storage;
  • Coordinates of the retailer where bottles were purchased.