A growing concern in the quality wine industry is the increasing possibility for counterfeit bottles, especially for the very limited and exclusive production of top wines. In 2014 we started researching the different possibilities and we liked the bubble tag system.

The cost and difficulty for applying these tags to the bottle has kept us looking for other solutions, until we stumbled over the RFID (radio frequency identification) which I liked very much as it gives other possibilities like absolute/individual traceability of single bottles, warehouse management, temperature information during transportation, etc…

As of the vintage 2016, our Grand Vin Magma® to start with will have an NFC chip integrated into the label of each bottle which will initially carry basic information regarding the authenticity of the wine. As technology evolves, we will add more useful information like name of the wine, vintage, bottle date, number of bottles produced of this wine, etc…

The use of this unique product authentication system will guarantee that you are buying an original bottle and at the same time receive useful information about the wine.

How does it work in practice:
Although the RFID/NFC microchip technology is very sophisticated, it is very easy to use with modern smartphones:

Turn the bottle until you get to the QR code with the indication “product authentication system”;
Hold your NFC technology enabled smartphone within 2 centimeters of the NFC logo;
You are now being directed to the information page of this specific bottle.