Over the last few years we have an increasing amount of visitors from all over the world, clients as well as interested wine people.

I like to be open to people and want to maintain this availability for as many visitors possible as a gratitude to our loyal clients as well as the Italian hospitality we are part of. I started out very small in 2001 and have never calculated in terms of opening bottles for tasting with our clients or spending time with our customers. I noticed that we were passing the physical limit of accepting people for visits, especially during the period from May to September and so I needed to structure the visits, both time wise as well as for the many bottles (over 600 annually…) we open for our visitors.

A visit usually takes 2 to 3 hours with a tour to one of our ancient vineyards, followed by a visit of our cellar/winemaking and a tasting of 3 or 4 of our wines during which we can exchange ideas. It is recommended to bring a sweater as the temperature in the cellar is relatively cold (16°C/60.8°F) compared to outside (35°C/95°F), especially during the summer period. Although we love and have children, we only accept adult visitors as we produce wine which contains alcohol, prohibited by law for persons under 18 years of age. Children might also hurt themselves with the equipment around as well as getting a serious cold due to the low temperature in the cellar. Visitors with strong perfume or aftershave are not accepted into the cellar. Planning, time and date of visits will be specified via e-mail. We gently ask to be punctual.

We are happy to also organize more profound tastings of our single vineyard wines, visits for larger groups or other special requests.
We kindly ask you to send us only e-mail requests for visits.