A special contrada due to its geology, from a pyroclastic period, which usually brings complex wines. The property used to belong to the La Piana family and was a “clos” of about 2,5ha, surrounded by stone walls. Besides the geology, this site has a special and peaceful atmosphere. We are keeping a small part of the old vines for the moment until the newly planted parts are productive and give the right fruit. Until then the grapes will go into the base red or rosato. The wines are generally multi-layered, combining elegance, depth and structure. This will be a promising site for the future.

MunJebel® Rosso SC, contrada Scimonetta

Region: Etna, Northern valley
Location: comune of Randazzo
Vineyard: contrada Scimonetta
Exposure: North
Elevation: 740m. asl
Varietal: Nerello Mascalese 100%
Average age of vines: 40+ years for the old vines. The new plantation was done in 2002 and 2003
Vinification: Destemming and light crushing of the grapes
Fermentation: starting with a “pied-de-cuve” using only indigenous yeasts and skin contact for about 60 days
Aging: In neutral epoxy tanks from 1500 liters to 2500 liters for 18 months and another 18 months in bottle
Fining: No
Filtering: Before bottling with PP cartridges of 5 micron
Sulphur: values can vary from 15 to 50 mg/l., added or not, depending on the quality of grapes and stability of the wine.
Annual production: approx. 600 bottles
First vintage: 2021
Denomination: Etna Rosso DOP or IGP Terre Siciliane Nerello Mascalese
Bottle type: Dark burgundy bottle
Available sizes: 750ML, 1500ML and 3000ML
Recommended stemware: Zalto Burgundy

HOW TO RECYCLE: please verify in your town of residence the correct recycling instructions and separate all possible components accordingly. We suggest to re-use rather than recycle wherever possible; obviously without counterfeiting…
Bottle: in glass-recycling;
Closure: Ardeaseal in plastic-recycling; natural cork in organic waste, screw cap in glass-recycling, pouring closure olive oil in plastic recycling
Label: Susucaru in plastic-recycling, MunJebel, Pistemutta and Magma in paper-recycling
Wax cap:  in non-recyclable waste
Case: carton in paper-recycling, wood case  best to be re-used
Palletwood or plastic best to be re-used


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