MunJebel® Bianco “classico”

The light skin contact we apply on our white wines results in a combination of density as well as elegance and makes this wine very suited to accompany a wide variety of dishes and cuisine, from fish to white meat. The vineyards (Calderara, Borriglione, Crasà and Picciolo) are located between 620 and 750 m. asl with. A blend of 50% Grecanico Dorato and 50% Carricante.

MunJebel® Bianco classico

Region: Etna, Northern valley
Vineyard (s): Calderara, Borriglione, Crasà and Picciolo
Varietal (s): Grecanico Dorato 50%, Carricante 50%
Average age of vines: 40+ years
Vinification: Destemming and light crushing of the grapes
Fermentation: skin maceration with only indigenous yeasts for approximately 4 days
Aging: In neutral epoxy tanks from 2500 liters to 5000 litersus yeasts for approximately 4 days
Fining: No
Filtering: Before bottling with cartridges of 1 micron
Sulphur: values can vary from 5 to 30 mg/l., added or not, depending on the quality of grapes and stability of the wine.
Annual production: 5.000 bottles
First vintage: 2004
Denomination: DOP Sicilia or IGP Terre Siciliane Bianco
Bottle type: Dark burgundy bottle
Available sizes: 750ML, 1500ML, 3000ML and 5000ML (special request only)
Closure: Ardeaseal® organic (as of 2020 vintage)
Recommended stemware: Zalto Burgundy
How to recycle: Bottle in glass-recycling, closure in plastic-recycling,
label in paper-recycling, case in paper-recycling.



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